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A bit about Kat

Kat Stanley Photography bioSo who is Kat Stanley?

We could give you all the fluffy stuff, but all you want to know is – how did she get so good at what she does?

Starting out her creative career, Kat studied Creative Fine Arts and Photography for two years following her finishing her school years. She was then an active apprentice to the art or photography and in 2007 commenced her professional career starting out in the most beautiful destination, Hamilton Island. It was there that Kat was hired to be the Manager of the exclusive island Photo Shop.

When returning to Sydney, Kat was then employed to work within Don Wood Photography. During her time there, Kat was privileged enough to be mentored by Stuart Wood in portraiture and the fundamentals of wedding photography.

Deciding to gain even more professional experience, the next step was working with North Sullivan at The Photo Studio in Broadway. Kat spent her time within the company finessing her craft in all areas of upper management, sales and photography.

During this time, Kat Stanley Photography was operating in the freelance space, and during any spare moment Kat had from her full time position, she would be working on her own business. After almost three years at The Photo Studio, Kat came to the conclusion :

“I wanted to put all of my creativity and energy into building my own business and a reputation for what I love.  And share my passion directly with my clients.”

At this stage of her life, Kat cannot see herself doing anything else, other than producing the highest quality work for her clients. In her words –

“It’s my world!  And I know as my life changes through its own stages I will then move onto doing more newborns, as I enter that time of my own life.”

Self Portrait Kat Stanley Photography

Kat has travelled to weddings all over the world, and revels in the excitement of each wedding, whether the setting is country England, exotic Thailand, or even one of her upcoming weddings for 2014 in Ireland and Vanuatu.

Nationally, Kat has flown as far as Kalumburu, a remote aboriginal community in the far north coast of Western Australia. Visiting this region the last two years, she will travel there again this year, to photograph the local school children and the local community. With six flights and almost 96 hours in travel for the return trip, the smiles on the children’s faces when she arrives makes every minute worth it.

Kat has also been front and centre photographing numerous fashion festivals and events throughout Sydney, but that is not where her passion lies.

“I’m most inspired by the people I meet on an everyday basis. Being able to show them a part of themselves that they don’t often get to see, to show them their inner beauty and make them feel so special just from using my eye & my camera.   I love the moment I show them their photos, and seeing their face light up when they get to see how amazing they can look, is what makes my job so easy.”

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