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My Own Personal Photographer

Llew Dowley here, owner of The Buzz Writer & author of Crazy Mummy Syndrome. Recently I have been brought on board to review the content and editorial pieces at Kat Stanley Photography. When Kat asked me to contribute a guest post to her blog, I was more than happy to provide my personal experiences.

Finding a photographer for any occasion is a very daunting task.

I did not know where to start when I was planning for my wedding, a few years back. I researched on the internet, but felt I was only seeing ‘posed’ shots, where I was looking for a more naturally captured photograph.

Very early on, we decided to have a destination wedding on the beach in Byron Bay. Not only was I was faced with trying to find a photographer for our big day, but to trust one that I would only meet once prior to the wedding.

Enter Kat. She was happy & willing to make the trip to photograph our wedding (honestly who wouldn’t want a trip to Byron?) and saved me the drama of organising a photographer over the phone. And at such a competitive price.

What ensued was our anxiety put at ease knowing that I could talk to Kat in person in the lead up to the wedding. Our photos are just so beautiful, memorable, and with a touch of vintage style, that they capture the perfect memories of our special day.

Kat has since then taken our family portraits (with my favourite one of my daughter cuddling my pregnant belly), product photos for my business which included my two children as the models – the perfect cross over of family portraits and a product shoot – and now, my author photo for my first book.

Kat Stanley Photography images are throughout our home, my business and author websites, and also used in my product marketing. The relationship I have with Kat, as my own personal photographer (as I like to think of it), works throughout my home life and business ventures.

Now, as her editor of online content, I have great respect for her business methodology and the work she puts in to get her desired result. I recommend her highly not only for her professional persona, but for the personal touch she integrates into every shoot to bring out the best in her clients.

For that point of difference in a visual world, contact Kat Stanley Photography for your engagement, wedding, christening, family portraits, product or commercial shoot requirements.

e : [email protected] | p : 0434 129 427 | w : www.katstanleyphotography.com

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