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Feature Wedding – Grace & Ian Walter

Terrara House Estate, just 20 minutes drive south of Berry, is set on a 16 hectare country estate and is home to a historic house and stables (circa 1904). A romantic address for a wedding which followed a very romantic proposal.

Ian originally met Grace at their workplace, and after following Grace around the office for the first few months, she finally agreed to go on a date with him. So it was only natural when Ian started to organise the proposal, months in advance, that he would choose the location of Balmoral Beach, which was special to the two of them.

Under the guise of meeting Ian’s dad for dinner, he took Grace for a quiet drink after work and then they jumped in a taxi to head to their destination. As Ian tried to give the driver a piece of paper with the address, the taxi driver had to put on his glasses to read the note. He then almost gave the surprise away by saying, ‘Oh the Bather’s Pavilion, that’s nice, is it a special occasion?’. Ian convinced Grace that it was an early anniversary present, and thankfully she believed him.

Upon arrival to the Bather’s Pavilion in Balmoral the couple was told that their table was not quite ready. They were instructed to order a drink at the bar, and take a few moments in the art gallery upstairs, until their table was available.

As they walked up into the gallery, Ian led Grace onto the balcony overlooking the entire beach. On the balcony was a table for two, roses, and a bottle of champagne. It was at that moment that Ian asked Grace to marry him.

Choosing a location for their wedding was easy when they came across Terrara House. The beauty and opulence of the property was exactly what they were looking for. Country wedding meets garden wedding, meets vintage wedding. Just gorgeous. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that the property includes a Bridal Salon and Day Spa, with your own Butler serving High Tea while you are getting ready. I don’t know why this isn’t a more common occurrence for brides everywhere.

Being able to have the ceremony and reception within the beautiful gardens of the Estate, with all catering and behind the scenes set up being taken care of by the staff, reduced stress on the day and set the scene for their countryside celebration. All Grace had to do was arrange her hair and makeup artist, and the rest was taken care of.

Interview with the Bride – Grace

1. What’s one piece of advice you’d give the brides to be?  

Try not to fight with your partner. Organising a wedding is stressful on both of you especially when family starts to weigh in with their opinion. It may sound silly but we created a “bubble” it was a place we choose where we would sit down and calmly discuss whatever the issue was. You are not allowed to interrupt or raise your voice in the bubble. We sorted through a lot of contentious issues that way.

And… don’t forget to shave your legs the morning of your wedding. You will have a lot on your mind. Luckily Terrara House have thought of everything and had a razor ready and waiting.

The one thing to remember is to only ask for an opinion from those who you know you can trust. If you go against the advice, you don’t want to have to deal with your choices upsetting everyone.

2. What would you make sure you put into a ‘bride-aid kit’ for your wedding day? 

Thongs! My feet were already hurting when I walked down the aisle. I then proceeded to wear my thongs for the rest of the day, and you couldn’t even see them under my dress. And Panadol, it is very easy to get a headache with all the bobby pins in your hair.

3. What did you give as your bomboniere? 

We didn’t give anything…. We had a pretty tight budget and when speaking to Terrara House they said people would usually prefer to have a bread roll with dinner, as opposed to a gift to take away – so we went with the bread roll. They were definitely appreciated.

4. People often say the day goes so quickly, what do you wish you spent more time doing? 

I heard that saying a lot leading up to our wedding day, so I really tried to take in every moment. There is nothing really I would have spent more time doing. I had made a list of all the things I wanted to do on the day i.e. Dance with my dad, sit with my nan; so I made sure I got all of those things done early on in the night.

5. What don’t the blogs and bridal magazines tell you? 

Whatever you think something is going to cost…. double it. That would have been handy to know when doing our initial budget.

Favourite Photo…

“The favourite photo is a tough question. I love the one of Ian and I on the chess board with the sunset with me leaning up to kiss him – it is on the DVD cover of our wedding photos. I also like the one of us through the gate. And I love the one of us and the bridal party jumping up lined up across the hedge, and the ones of all of us on the chess board.But I think my favourite is the one with Ian and I on chess board with the sunset.”

All the Bells & Whistles:

Ceremony : Terrara House Estate, Nowra
Photo Shoot Locations : Terrara House Estate, Nowra
Reception : Terrara House Estate, Nowra
Honeymoon : Seminyak Bali
Photographer : Kat Stanley Photography – http://www.katstanleyphotography.com
Hair & Make Up : Lianne Claire, Dream Reflection – http://www.dreamreflection.com.au

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