7 Tips To A Stress Free Wedding Day

1. Decide what you want as a couple

This is your wedding day. The two of you should both have input into how your day is going to look. Making sure you are both on the same page will reduce tension and worry from both of you as you start planning your big day.

Sit down together once you are ready to start your wedding planning, and discuss both of your ideas as to what you imagine you wedding day will look like.

Are you going to go with a formal ceremony, a beach wedding, a large reception, a live band or are you just going to elope?

Schedule your big appointments together for the celebrant, the ceremony and reception locations, and of course the photographer. You both need to be comfortable with the big decisions, and whatever you decide, make sure you both work towards the same goal.

Cronulla wedding photographer Kat Stanley Photography

2. Less is more

Weddings are expensive, so it is important to work out what is really important and what is not.

The bride, the groom, the dresses and the party, and for everything else, there will be the photos. Don’t spend thousands on flowers, and décor, and favours as you can have an amazing, stress free wedding with a few simple and tasteful ideas.

What about giving the guest something fun to do while the bridal party is away getting their photos taken. Bring in an aspect of fun with a giant, life-sized jenga or chess games, garden croquet or bocce.

You could ask you MC to get the guests to play a multiple choice quiz as they settle into the reception. A great ice-breaker to persuade your guests to get chatty.

A lolly bar is a great option as a bomboniere. It can be a fun and inexpensive treat for your family & friends. Brand the lolly bags with personal messages to create an air of excitement, bringing out the child in all of us.

Cronulla wedding photographer : Kat Stanley Photography

3. The destination wedding

The perfect drama free wedding. This one is like having a planner and eloping, and before you think this is an expensive option think again.

Wedding packages in places like Mauritius and the Maldives, Mexico and the Caribbean include lots of complimentary extras for the bridal couple, and chances are only the very important people will travel all that way.

This could save you money, a major headache, and you can soak up the sun on a tropical island or gorgeous location, relaxing in the week before your wedding day.

Plan it to your liking, and you could even have your local photographer travel to your destination… Hint, hint.

In all seriousness though, do the sums as it could work out a feasible option. You will find that those that mean the most will make the trip no matter what, and will turn it into a holiday so then everyone is relaxed. The wedding then becomes more of a lifetime memory for everyone, and stretches out the fun than saving it for just a single day.

7 tips to a stress free wedding

4. Give everybody a job

Start with simple lists of everything you need to do, then see what jobs you don’t specifically need to be doing yourself, and begin to delegate one by one. If you can free up some of your time for the bigger things, then why not?

Your bridal party expects to be given small jobs to contribute towards the success of the day. Things like: if you need accommodation options for guests, travel options or buses on the day, ask them to help by completing the research. They can then show you all the options and once you’ve made a decision, they can then look after the arrangements.

If you want someone to give a speech, complete a reading, or help with something on the day, ensure you give them plenty of notice to plan and prepare. It could end up causing more drama if you leave it until the last minute.

7 tips to a stress free wedding

5. It Is your wedding

No matter what anyone says to you in the lead up to your wedding, this day is about you and your partner.

If you can take every recommendation, suggestion or opinion with a grain of salt, but keep on the path to the idea you have built with your other half.

Learn to say no. Don’t give in. At the end of the day, remember, do what suits you, no-one else.

7 tips to a stress free wedding

6. Ignore the drama

If you haven’t got a planner (and even if you have) there is going to be drama. But it is up to you how you react to it.

You have done all the planning, booked in all the suppliers, organised all bits and pieces, to make this your special day. So when you reach the moment before you enter the wedding ceremony location, take a moment.

Breathe deeply, smile, and take that step. That step into marriage, and realise that there may be moments which don’t go exactly to plan. But so what? Sit back, enjoy and celebrate.

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7. Be realistic

You have to say to yourself – ‘I can’t re-live this day and I can’t let the small things get me down’. Remember something that can quickly cheer you up if something is bothering you on the day.

Quietly step away with your partner and have a moment to yourselves. Remember what really matters is your love for each other.

7 tips to a stress free wedding

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