Beauty Tips for Perfect Wedding Day Skin

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As a Sydney wedding photographer, I have seen what the stress of planning a wedding can do to a bride’s, and even groom’s, skin leading up to their big day.

Wedding stress and anxiety can cause an imbalance in your mind, and body. Though you may feel you are handling the wedding planning quiet well, it is not uncommon for your body to break out with skin imperfections in the lead up to the wedding.

What most brides do not realise is that skincare has less to do with skin type or gender, and more to do with lifestyle, the seasons, exposure to the elements, and diet. Every bride, with the right combination of products, lifestyle habits and skin care techniques, can have beautiful glowing skin in time for their wedding day.

Eliska, owner of Beauty and Balance Cronulla has provided us with her top 6 tips for perfect skin for your big event.


1. Regular Routine

A good skincare routine should be a top priority, in deciding one’s beauty regime. A good routine in skincare today, will benefit your skin in the years to come.

It is also very important you stick to your routine, and avoid trialling any new products, makeup and even hair products, at least a month prior to your nuptials. If you are unsure as to what you should be doing in regards to a good skin routine, your friendly licensed esthetician will be able to guide you in the right direction.

2. Plan Ahead

The best start is to set up a consultation and facial with your esthetician right away. This is where the journey to your destination skin begins. Only when I see my client’s skin and learn about their lifestyle, diet and skincare regime, can I truly recommend what type of program and products are going to get them the best results.

3. Timing

The last thing you want is to have redness, an irritation or reaction to a product or procedure that you have booked for the day of your wedding.

At Beauty and Balance, once we have completed the skin consultation, we will start a series of treatments to ensure your skin will be luminous. We generally start the treatment process six months prior to the big day, though if that amount of time is not possible, I recommend a test of any facial treatment at least one month prior to your big day. This will allow enough time for any irritation (if any) to subside in time for the wedding.

4. Beautiful Skin Begins Within

Some people take the path of applying too many products too often, which can end up being the root of most skin complications.

Proper hydration, good diet, reduced stress, and natural products without harmful chemicals, are the essential keys to beautiful, healthy skin.

5. Don’t Follow The Crowd

At Beauty and Balance, we don’t follow the crowd or the latest trends, but offer solid solutions and products that will deliver long-lasting results.

Traditionally, the approach to skincare is to treat the individual’s skin type. My philosophy is to treat the current condition, whilst targeting the root cause that is affecting the skin. In my experience, this has led to immediate optimal results and satisfaction.

6. Reduce Stress

The effects of stress on our skin is tremendous. Take up a yoga class, meditate or take advantage of body treatments and facials as a way to relax and de-stress. Your skin will thank you for it, and a little bit of time out for the body, will help your mind to stop for a moment too.

‘All great works of art begin with a great canvas. Your face is your canvas and most beauty and make up products are just enhancers—the icing on the cake.’

~ Eliska, Beauty and Balance, Cronulla

Being confident in your skin for your wedding photographs, will allow you to be captured as that glowing bride you always imagined…

Estheticians are licensed professionals who are experts in maintaining and improving healthy skin.

Beautiful Bride

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