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Feature Wedding – Karen & Chris

The first time they met

For Karen & Chris their first chance meeting was actually at a wedding. Karen didn’t know the bride or groom, but was invited as a guest of someone she had only just started dating. She sat across the table from Chris all night and thought he was great. Chris later confessed it was love at first sight for him.

The proposal

The pair headed over to Europe for a month long holiday. It was 40 degrees, in beautiful Seville, Spain, when Chris thought it would be a good opportunity to pop the question. They were both lounging by the pool in the sun, and Chris needed an excuse to pick up the ring from their room.
He decided asking Karen if she would like a drink from the bar downstairs would be a good cover, though she declined. He then asked if she would like her hat, and she also said ‘no’. At a loss for what to think of next, he was put out of his misery when she changed her mind after a thought and said yes to both offers.
Pumping himself up in the mirror  of the lift on the way back to the pool deck, but as the doors opened, Chris worried Karen would spot the ring before he had the chance to ask, and so dropped on bended knee as he exited the lift – almost ten metres away from where Karen was. In shock, Karen stood up and walked over to where Chris was kneeling, burning his knee in the process of his romantic gesture, and said yes.

The wedding

Once they returned from their European holiday, Karen had a month to go to finish her masters degree, and then once that was complete, swept straight into planning their wedding.
The ceremony and reception was held at Chris’ parents’ house in the picturesque Castlecrag, overlooking the stunning Middle Harbour, with our photo shoot between formalities moving to Clive Park in Northbridge.

Interview with the bride – Karen

1. What advice you would pass on to brides to be?

Try not to drink much on your big day. We did plan to take it easy, and we actually weren’t able to drink much on the day. And we were so thankful to wake up the next day without hangovers.  Remembering everything from the day was great, and there were no ‘embarrassing’ regrets.
I’d also suggest you make the day about the two of you, and what you love. Chris and I love food and wine, so we really put effort (and money!) into that part of the day. It was very ‘us’. Who wants a cookie cutter wedding day – make your day about you, so it is unique.

2. What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

Walking down the aisle! It was so emotional and overwhelming but I loved it. Standing up there with Chris and every moment of the ceremony was wonderful too – I remember it all and we will both cherish those moments.

3. What would you recommend to have in a ‘bride-aid kit’?

I’m pleased to say I didn’t need anything. My hair stayed in place (mostly!), my shoes were comfortable and my makeup didn’t move. Well, apart from my nose after all the kissing Kat asked us to do for the photos!

Favourite photo?

The photos of me walking down the aisle – you can see the emotion on both our faces. I also love the pics from when we got back to the house after the photos with Kat at Clive Park. The confetti and sun behind us as we entered the reception made for beautiful photos.

All the bells & whistles

Ceremony & Reception – Chris’ parents’ house in Castlecrag overlooking Middle Harbour
Photo shoot locations – Clive Park in Northbridge
Celebrant – Georgie Wallace
Photographer – Kat Stanley Photography

Honeymoon – Two nights at the Shangri La in the city, then a night at home with our cats, then four nights in Bowral eating, drinking good wine and pottering. We call it our ‘mini-moon’ given it was only short but we’re hoping to get away for longer at the end of the year once work and uni settle down.

Hair & Makeup – Audrey Griffiths
Dress – Marry Me Bridal in Mosman
Shoes – Panache Bridal Shoes in the Dymocks Building
Flowers – Portobello Rose in Northbridge
Musician – Nathan Bennett

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