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How to incorporate your wedding invitations and stationery into your wedding photos

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Watson's Bay Boutique Hotel

Wedding at Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel

While you may not realise how important wedding invitations and stationery are initially, once you begin organising them, you’ll soon realise a large chunk of your time will go towards planning them.

Your invitations will set the tone for your upcoming nuptials and will act as a precursor to how your wedding will be styled.  So why wouldn’t you consider requesting your photographer set up some shots to capture your invites and stationery.

While many brides haven’t done this or wouldn’t even consider doing it, your invites and stationery will make for some great styling photos to help encapsulate the essence of your big day.

Wedding stationary

Wedding stationary at Terrara House Estate

Photographing your invitations

Depending on your wedding theme, there are a number of ways you can photograph your wedding invitations. One great way to do so would be to have them photographed together with your bouquet. Your photographer can do this when they come to take some morning/getting ready/pre-wedding snaps.

Alternatively you might like to bring your invite along to your wedding and have it set up next to one of your décor elements. This could be a part of the wedding table layout or next to a candy bar, the options truly are endless.

Another fun idea is to take a photo of you and your groom holding the invite. This will make for an undeniably cute photo and will be an entertaining addition to the introduction of your wedding photo album. Your photographer will be able to come up with some visually appealing and creative ideas, let’s not forget it’s what they are there to do.

Wedding stationary at The Waterfront in Wollongong

Wedding stationary at The Waterfront in Wollongong

Snap-worthy wedding day stationery

Your wedding stationery is just as important as your wedding invites as they often help tie together your overall wedding theme. Think menu cards, table numbers, seating charts, order of service ceremony booklets and thank you cards.

All of these items are relatively easy for your photographer to take a photo of throughout the day, however, unless you specifically indicate to your photographer that you would like these types of shots, you might miss out.

You will put a lot of effort into organising your wedding stationery and how your table décor will be presented so why not capture the memory too. Shots of your reception provide an insight into the atmosphere and formality of your wedding, with your wedding stationery and invitations setting the scene for your big day.

By having photos taken of your wedding stationery, you will be able to look back on all the hard work and planning that went into creating your special day.

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