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A wedding through the eyes of a photographer

Believe it or not, for me, the excitement of your big day all begins about 12 months before your actual wedding. It usually hits me when I first receive that initial point of contact, either through a phone call or email.

When I meet you for the first time, my energy for your wedding increases as I start to visualise the two of you in the photos, and your vision for what you would like your day to look like.

Every wedding is different, and the couples that choose to individualise their wedding, are my favourite. Whether you have clear ideas or not, by speaking to professionals in the industry (who do this everyday), you can collaborate and style your wedding in any way you like. The possibilities are endless.

One of my favourite parts of being a wedding photographer is location scouting. Prior to the actual wedding day, I take my camera and go to the destination of your wedding ceremony, and check out the surroundings to scout any photographic opportunities. Of course, on the day it can be different and often when we go for our photo shoot, I will see something fresh and new. Though I choose to scout out the location first, as I believe in good preparation for all of my clients and, to enable a stress free wedding day photo shoot. A good shot always depends on how the light is falling on the day and how we can capture it.

The Wedding Day

I am up early for an ocean swim, a bike ride or a run to get the energy levels up. I too experience nervous butterflies the morning of your big day. Mostly excitement for what the day will bring.
Photography is more of a passion to me then ‘just a job’, and you are likely to see bursts and squeals of excitement from me over the light, or when I know I have captured the perfect shot for you. Then I just can’t wait to get back to the office and edit it!
The drive home, is the biggest rush of adrenaline for me. The day is over, everything has gone well, or better then expected, and I felt privileged to meet so many amazing people and be in great company. Now I start to unwind and reflect on the day.
I will usually finish off by going for a walk by the beach the next day, followed by a massage to relax the muscles from the heavy lifting and camera work. It’s tough work, believe me!


The Editing Process

A shoot from beginning to end takes on average 45 hours in total, with at least a week of editing spent on every wedding. The editing process is where most of my time is actually spent, though working on the images just energises me all over again.
Colour enhancement, cropping and retouching is all part of this creative process. I have to move around a lot to keep focus and concentrate. I make myself walk away from my computer every few hours to encourage a burst of energy during the creativity process.
Lots of coffee and walks around the block are crucial here. The hardest part for me is cutting out photos which won’t make the final edit. In the end, you end up with way more photos than you would expect, because you are so caught up in the moment, it is easy to forget (or miss) the little details. But that is why my assistant and I are there. To capture the everlasting moments in time so that you can treasure your wedding photos for the rest of your lives.



The Finished Product

The best part. Beware, there are often tears.
I often surprise my clients with teasers online, or in person in my office when you collect your wedding shots. It is such an emotional moment that I find my client’s love their images so much, that they purchase their favourites from the day to showcase on their walls at home. The centrepiece of their wedding photo experience is often topped off by purchasing one of our breathtaking wedding albums.
There is something so special about seeing your photography work on a client’s wall in their home, or perfectly captured in print, that always leaves me feeling so complete. I often get a rush of emotion, and clarification that there is nothing else in the world I would rather be doing, when a client leaves my office beaming, with a bundle of memories to treasure for life.


One Comment on “A wedding through the eyes of a photographer

  1. Great article Kat. It’s wonderful to understand how passionate you are about your profession and how much of “you” is put into each session you undertake. To be able to do what you love is the key to happiness.

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