Fashion portraits by female photographer Kat Stanley Photography

Fashion Photography Portraits – Essential Tips For The Perfect Portrait Session

Are you interested in becoming a fashion model, or entering the modelling circuit?  Do you need a variety of portraits for your fashion model portfolio?  Or are you simply wanting to feel glamorous for a day?

Whether you are looking for a photo shoot just for you, or to assist your entry into the fashion and modelling industry, we can tailor our portrait sessions to suit.

Simply follow these essential tips and your portrait photography session will be a breeze.

Preparing for your photo shoot

Research photo references. This means collecting any images you have seen online, in magazines, or elsewhere, that you really like and want to emulate.

These references are helpful as they produce an idea of the style of photography you like. It can also help the make up artist and hair stylist – if you have chosen to book them. Alternatively, if you have seen images on the Kat Stanley Photography website, you can also use these as your own inspiration.

Do you have a background in mind that you want to style your photos?  Have you thought about what look you wanted to achieve?

The shoot location will outline the style of photos we produce, whether they have a beach or country feel, or an industrial look, the location can dramatically change the outcome of your portraits.

If you are unsure, research your desired look and take notice of where the images were shot. Make sure you let your photographer know prior to your scheduled session of your ideas.

Styling Top Tip : Be you!

What to wear to your session can be daunting. So we have put together a list of things to help you select your outfit.

Solid, bright, vibrant colours look good, but you can mix in different patterns and textures to keep things interesting.

Avoid large logos, or anything branded that will be too distracting and might take the focus off you.

Choose different colour palettes for different looks (if you are having several outfit changes) and blend your shoes, accessories and jewellery well together. Bold coloured jewellery is a must and can drastically change the shoot.

Our goal is to make it fun for you and to show the essence of you and your personality. Make sure you bring along those pieces of clothing that tell your story.

beach fashion photo

During the portrait session

Try to relax.

Honestly this sounds very basic, but if you forget the camera is even there, you will find it so much easier to find your natural smile. Just keep it simple, and don’t overthink it. You don’t have a bad side – it is all good!

Let your photographer deal with the light and tell you where is best to stand for the right shot. You can then focus on just being you. If you don’t feel comfortable in any of the shots – make sure you tell your photographer.  Use your voice, don’t be afraid to speak up. If you don’t feel quite right, this will show up in the images. So make sure involve yourself in the creativity of the session.

Bec_Jones_0375low reslr

After the shoot

Go forth and prosper!

I love it when I hear a good news story as a result of a photo shoot I performed. Just last week I received this amazing message from one of my clients:

“Hi Kat, it’s Natalie we did a photo shoot in October last year. I just wanted to let you know that I am a contestant in Miss World Australia this year thanks to your beautiful pictures.”

So why not give us a call to schedule your fashion portrait session today.

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