Recently engaged in cronulla

I’m Engaged!

It is the news I want to shout from the rooftops! Who doesn’t, when their perfect man proposes?

My gorgeous ‘bunny’ and I are high school sweet hearts. We have been together on and off for the last 14 years – or half of my life so far with this incredible (hairy) man. It was never dramatic, just that we were willing to let each other find ourselves and travel, remaining best friends all along. But at the end of our travels, we came back together, as we always knew we would.

With both our mum’s planning our wedding since we can remember, I knew it would happen, but it was the when I didn’t know.

How he managed to keep the proposal a secret was beyond me. Our families are always good at spilling the beans, I was just amazed that he managed to pull it off without me even having an inkling.

So the engagement, well for us, it doesn’t get more cheesy than this… Christmas morning (2013), I wake up at 6.00am to Barry White playing in our lounge room.

We have joked about Ben playing Barry White when he proposes, as this is ‘our song’ from when we first got together, all those years ago. So in my weary sleepy state, as I realise what I’m hearing, and what is about to happen, I run out of the room, jump into his arms, and tackle him to the ground, saying ‘YES! YES! YES!’, and smothering him with kisses.

It takes a few moments before I realise – What about the ring! Benny has hand drawn sketches on a piece of paper, designed the look and even managed to have the ring made without my knowledge. The ring is amazing, with a rose gold band, and black & white diamonds as the centre piece – one for every year we have been together.

What is the most surreal is that he managed to even ask my dad’s permission, without my mum knowing in the process. This was something even my mum was shocked to hear!

With a beard that steals hearts and a heart of rose gold, he is a beautifully creative soul, an intelligent man, and gorgeous beyond words. He has always been the one and only for me, a definite keeper and, he’s all mine!

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