Wedding day photos in the rain

What to do if rain is forecast for your wedding day

Thinking about an outdoor wedding? But what if it rains? Well if you plan it right, a little bit of rain could actually transform your wedding into a fairytale ending.

Outdoor weddings make for a beautiful picturesque background for your dream wedding. Country weddings, beach weddings and garden weddings are a visually beautiful way to compliment your wedding photographs.

Though with the challenge of a wedding in the great outdoors, you will need to make sure you have ‘Plan B’ mapped out in the event Mother Nature has a different idea.

Whilst no-one will stop you from checking the long range forecast, the 7 day forecast, and the weather channel every few hours leading up to your wedding day, having a great back up plan will help you keep the wedding day anxiety down, well as much as we can!

wedding photo wet weather options

1. Make a plan you are happy with, and know when you will put it in place.

Planning an outdoor wedding with an indoor option, can allow you the freedom to plan two beautiful themes for your one wedding day. Knowing when to make the call to go for your second option can also be a tough decision. When you plan, you will have a deadline of when you need to make your choice by.

And although you will agonise as to whether you are making the right choice, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where your wedding ceremony and reception take place so long as you are there with the one you love.


2. Prepare for weather with gorgeous umbrellas and gum boots.

Matching or in contrast, imagine all that gorgeous nature and pops of colour from your rain gear. Or keep it simple in white and black. Make a statement. Show how much fun you had in planning your big day. Enjoy the beauty that comes with being outside in nature.

wedding photo wet weather options

3. Use the weather as a photo prop.

Embrace the weather, there is nothing you can do to change it, so use it to your advantage. The nature around you will look fresh and soft in the rain, and your skin will have a beautiful glow. Embrace it.

Find a huge tree and use it as your refuge. Get those umbrellas out and give them a twirl. Stomp your feet in those gumboots. Make some amazing memories.

wedding photo wet weather options

Finally – have fun, get wet, and don’t forget to dance in the rain.

* Handy tip to remember – Kat now has 12 matching clear and white umbrellas stored in the boot of her car, so should it start raining, we have you covered 🙂

Some options in Sydney that offer great wet weather options are:

  • Queen Victoria Building (QVB) with it’s opulence and grand ceilings offers a fantastic alternative to an outdoor photo shoot.
  • Sydney Uni offers some incredible archways and corridors under cover as a beautiful historic backdrop.
  • Martin Place, Sydney CBD, offers a range of styled locations outdoors which will protect you from the elements as well.
  • Angel Place is a styled lane for foot traffic and which is decorated with art and birdcages hanging from long rope, giving a vintage, artistic feel to your photos.
  • Intercontinental Hotel exudes elegance and simplicity with the most amazing skyline of Sydney Harbour as the view.
  • The Ivy Sunroom is a retro inspired conference area, filled with bright green and yellow accents for that perfect hint of flavour.
  • Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour, sprinkled with restaurants and bars, entryways and architecture, with the harbour right in front of you for a contrast in images.
  • Dendy Cinema, Circular Quay features gorgeous patterns on the floor which are great for aerial style shooting options.
  • The Ivy Pool Club has a resort style setting with fun and cheeky furnishings.
  • Observatory Hill, The Rocks there is a few under cover options and also a Rotunda
  • Underneath the Harbour Bridge, The Rocks

Be imaginative and think about sentimental places nearby that we can hold your wedding photos. Have you ever thought about your favourite cafe, restaurant or bar? Or even an art gallery, museum or cinema.

* Handy tip – ensure you check within one weeks notice to see whether you require a photography permit. Some of these options may require one and they can range from $80-$250.

And don’t worry we will never stop shooting due to the rain, there are always fun alternatives and options available and we will ensure we find a solution.

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