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Feature wedding – Jules & Ben

Jules and Ben’s wedding was an absolute dream to shoot, but before I tell you about the wedding, let me tell you their story.

Having grown up in small neighbouring towns on the south coast of NSW, the gorgeous couple knew each other through friends from the last years of high school. However, it wouldn’t be until they were in their early twenties that they would see each other in a different light.

One afternoon, Ben convinced Jules to miss her gym session, and join him on the beach at Coledale for a bbq after work. This was not an unusual request from Ben, when the weather was nice. So Jules joined him, hair in a knot, no make up, in her gym clothes, and whilst she was busy taking Instagram pictures of the view, Ben popped the ring box on the table and asked Jules to marry him.

Interview with the bride – Jules

1. What’s one piece of advice you’d give the brides to be?

Take the week off before your wedding and enjoy the lead up. Because our wedding was an ‘All hands on deck’, DIY affair – I made sure I checked in with myself regularly to make sure I was present and taking it all in with a smile. The day goes so fast, so making sure you count the build up as part of the wedding experience is important, and prolongs the event. I know as time goes on, I will always look back fondly on my ‘Wedding Week’.

2. What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

Getting to the end of the aisle, grabbing his hands and just staring at each other, beaming, unable to break eye contact. I will try so hard to never forget how I felt when we were in that moment. It was like we both couldn’t believe this was happening to us.

3. What would you do differently?

I would have said a small speech to tell our parents, families, friends, bridesmaids and groomsmen how appreciative we were of all the effort that was put in to making the day perfect. I wish I had it ‘together’ enough to tell both our Mums and Dads, our Brothers and Sisters how it made me tingle with excitment to look around the marquee and see the handmade decorations and hand made coffee cups.

To tell Ben’s Granny that it meant so much to me that she altered my dress, so now it will be a family heirloom. To tell my beautiful bridesmaid how perfect the wedding cake she made for us was, to give a huge shout out to the aunties and friends who baked dlecious food for the garden party before the reception, and to my sister who flew from Melbourne 4 times in 6 months just to be a part of it.

But most of all, to tell Ben that I am so grateful to be with him forever…I feel as though our wedding had more love and help behind it than any other wedding before us, and I know I have spoken my gratitude to them all personally, but now I have made it public.

4. What are the best things to have in a ‘bride-aid kit’?

Anti-histamine, Nurofen, eye drops, a full make up kit, perfume, mints and snacks. My sister-in-law and Mum both gave me amazing packs, that between myself and the bridesmaids, we used alot of.

5. People often say the day goes so quickly, what do you wish you spent more time doing?

As much as I would have loved to get around and have a proper catch up with everyone,  Ben and I knew it would never be possible on our wedding day, realistically, the event has about 2 free hours of mingling. It is easy to get swept up speaking to all the guests, but forget to speak to your husband or wife – we know, we did this at our engagement party.

So to make sure we weren’t regretful of not seeing each other on the day, we discussed beforehand that we would try not to separate from each other for longer than 15 minutes, so we actually enjoyed it, ‘together’.

This worked great and meant I never had to think – ‘I wish I saw him…’

Favourite photo from the day?

There is a beautiful pic of Ben and I lying in the autumn leaves that I adore! We had so much fun doing our photos, our bridal party loved it too…Kat makes it so fun and happy!

All the bells & whistles…

Ceremony –  St Paul’s Anglican Church, Cobbitty.
Reception – Ben’s Aunties bush property in South West Sydney, within a huge marquee by Premier Party Hire, Castle Hill
Photographer – Kat Stanley Photography
Photo shoot locations – The surrounds of Cobbitty Church and a property on Cobbitty Road.
Honeymoon – Brisbane and Tamborine Mountain, Pethers Rainforest Retreat…its a must!

Hair – Maggie
Make Up – I did my own, using a combination of Young Blood and Napoleon
Cars –  Our bridal party was too big, we decided just to hire a mini van! My uncle did offer Ben and I his vintage Chev however, which was gorgeous.
Flowers – We designed our own bouquets the night before (such a fun activity to do with the bridesmaids!!) We sourced our flowers from Thorton’s Brothers Roses, Tahmoor. However, I had a spectacular Flower Crown designed by Jennie at Merci Bouquet, Camden.

Celebrant – David Barrie of St Paul’s Anglican Church, Cobbitty.
Caterer – Argyle Gourmet, Camden.
Musician – We had a DJ.
MC – We asked Ben’s sister and her fiancé to be the MC’s.
Dress – Fabled and True, the most amazing wedding dress I have ever seen. Ben’s Granny helped re-design it and alter it to make it exactly what I wanted, which was so special to me.
Shoes – I just used some old ones from my cupbaord, no one saw them.
Event Stylist – Myself, my mum and my mother in law….we should be in business!
Wedding planner – As above!

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