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What Every Bride Must Have In Their Wedding Day ‘Bride-Aid’ Kit

What is a bride-aid kit?

Easy – It is a first aid kit for brides. With all the little essentials you may need for mini emergencies on your wedding day.

So I thought who better to ask than the experts – my wedding clients! They have the knowledge and experience having gone through it all, and I will definitely be using their suggestions on my wedding day.

Below are the top 13 tips our feature wedding clients recommend for any bride to be.

1. Mints – Because of all the kissing, not just your partner, but family and friends too!

2. Bandaids – New shoes, mini injuries, kids…

3. Perfume – For that sweet smell that is you.

4. Lipstick & Powder – touch ups between kissing sequences, and for perfect photogenic lips.

5. Safety pins – There is bound to be at least one wardrobe malfunction in the wedding party.

6. Panadol – A lifesaver in times of need.

7. Bottled water – This getting married stuff is thirsty work.

8. Tissues – Let’s face it, we can get emotional, it’s our wedding day!

9. Flat shoes – No-one will know anyway as they are hidden by your dress.

10. Eye drops – To ensure you don’t have red eyes for all those photos.

11. Anti Histamine – To keep the sneezing at bay.

12. Full make up kit – All that smooching may require touch ups during the day.

13. Champagne – To celebrate between ceremony & reception, after all you are now offically hitched!

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