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Night Time Wedding Photos

Have you allowed enough time for your photographer to step outside your wedding reception for ten minutes of night time photography fun?

Don’t believe that as soon as the sun goes down you need to say goodbye to your wedding photographer. Some of the most wonderful photos can be achieved with a little bit of pre-planning and thinking outside of the box.

I have photographed a myriad of Sydney weddings over the past few months, I must admit that the earlier sunsets since daylight savings has ended, are allowing some amazing evening photography.

All that effort and planning you have put into the how your wedding reception will look, have you thought about how the soft lighting will actually provide such a gorgeous backdrop for some special memories.

So why not create that WOW factor and get something a little different from your wedding photos.

Talk to Kat about your ideas so she can share some inspiration and create something unique for your wedding photos.

2 Comments on “Night Time Wedding Photos

  1. Wow Kat I have NO idea how you managed to capture those letters of Jules and Ben, but gee I’m impressed! I’ll definitely share this blog with my network. Great job! Hope the new ‘baby’ is going well:-)

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