Wedding Cake Ideas

Are you stuck on an idea for what to have as your wedding cake? Trying to find some inspiration but not sure which way to go? I have seen some of the most spectacular wedding cake ideas over the  years and thought what better way to show them off then to create a wedding cake portfolio for you to browse through.

Vintage Wedding Cake

Simple and easy to create, and able to capture the hearts of your guests. If you are going with a vintage or rustic theme, not only can you follow this theme throughout the reception with your decorations, you can also incorporate this into your wedding cake. Ben & Jules managed to create and match this amazing whimsical theme from Jules flower head piece to the flower detail on the top of their cake. And by the way the cake was made as a gift from one of her bridesmaids. How sweet.


Traditional Wedding Cake

Think traditional is out? Well you would be mistaken. There is nothing like a gorgeous and elegant cake (with the slightest hint of sparkle) to make all your guest oooh and aaah over your wedding cake. Linda & Dean had the most amazing and breathtaking wedding cake that was so perfectly displayed, no one wanted to cut into it for the fear of ruining such a beautiful piece of art.


Whereas Jo & Jarrod still had a gorgeous white cake, but with a twist – of white chocolate that is!

Themed Wedding Cake

Why not give your wedding cake a piece of your personality and have a theme. Shelley & Dave celebrated their wedding in Ireland. Though now living in Sydney they brought that memory to their wedding with a Sydney Harbour Bridge wedding cake. Not to mention the bride and groom cake toppers. They were a scene stealer!

No Wedding Cake

Cheese Wheel cakes are the talk of the town lately. If you are after something out of the box, why not indulge and have a wedding cake made up of delicious local cheeses. Turn it into a cheese platter for dessert for your guests, and the top ‘tier’ can be taken home by the bride and groom and kept (or eaten) for days to follow.

Deconstructed Wedding Cake Table

Though if you are having trouble deciding, why not have it all! A deconstructed wedding cake dessert table is a way to house a little bit of everything for you and your guests. Throw in a top tier wedding cake for the bride and groom to cut, a cheese wheel for the savoury fans, and mini wedding cakes for those with a sweet tooth and everyone is happy.

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