Engagement Gift Ideas

There was a time when newly engaged couples had probably never lived together before they were to be married. The bride-to-be would have no idea about her fiance’s ‘floordrobe’ habits, and the groom-to-be would be a little surprised at the extent of his betrothed’s shoe ‘collection’. Surprise!

So engagement gift ideas were a lot easier back then to buy. You just had purchase something off the bridal registry. Practical items for the home were popular – think kettles, toasters, tea cups. Boring but practical. And after all it was what the couple requested.

These days, nearly 80% of couples live together before they are married, so finding the right gift gets a little tougher. Especially if you want it to stand out from the many envelopes of cash.

Here are some fun and quirky ideas to get your engagement gift giving juices flowing.


1. His & Hers Bed Linen

You can never have too many clean sheet days (how good are clean sheet days?) – and you can never have too much bed linen. The His and Hers range from Cafe Press is a gift that is fun, but also practical. Your engaged friends can have a giggle at the His and Hers quilt then simply flip the doona over to get a plain white cover that matches the décor in the bedroom.


2. Bus Scroll 

Are your newly engaged friends crazy for travel with passports bursting at the seams? Create a bus scroll for them made up of their favourite holiday destinations.

I’ve always loved the look of these vintage style bus, tram or train scrolls. Now instead of sticking to a specific bus route or train line, they can be custom designed with destinations of your choice. Imagine if they met in one country, got engaged in another, live locally, are thinking of a destination wedding, and then a honeymoon – you have a lineup of memorable places already. Of course, this could also be a great idea as a voucher, so that they can arrange it once the destinations are locked in.

And you don’t have to stick to destinations. Maybe it could be the names of a close group of friends, or their immediate family? Another idea is incorporating something the love – like cooking (or more importantly food!). You could arrange the creation of afoodie scroll with fancy pants food words like julienne and soufflé… Mmmm.

My favourite for great local designs is Burbia. They offer Australia wide location tea towels, canvas prints, posters and more and they are located in Sydney. Red Dog Designs is also located in inner Sydney and Melbourne and offer vintage train scroll style blocks, canvases, prints and coasters. For your more traditional canvas scrolls try  Bus Scrolls Online who are based in Queensland and very affordable.


3. Detox or Juice Cleanse 

We all want to look our best for our wedding day, and making sure the couple to be wed are healthy on the inside is always a great way to be photo ready. A voucher for a juice cleanse is something that your friends can use in the lead-up to the big day to ensure they have perfect skin and the right amount of healthy energy.

Detox Delivered has a range of detox juice cleanse options available. You can even add a colonic package from Exhale Wellness to the detox program to ensure their eyes are sparkling, their skin is glowing, and the program even allows them to shed a few excess kilos of waste in the process.


4. Beauty & Pamper Package

Planning a wedding can be stressful, so why not treat your engaged friends to a pamper package to help reduce any  pre-nuptial anxiety. Beauty & Balance offers a range of amazing skin care packages, massage, facial treatments and can help you plan your treatment sessions pre wedding.

This is something that all brides-to-be would love, but rarely make the time to book. And with a little bit of man-scaping, their partners will look fresh and ready for their big day as well.


5. Kat Stanley Photography Gift Voucher

The whirlwind of an engagement and wedding for a couple is so important. It’s a time of fun, love, togetherness and celebration. Capturing this happy time is something that as a photographer, I just love doing.

A Kat Stanley Photography gift voucher could be used towards an Engagement Shoot, the Engagement Party, Hens Day Photography, the Kitchen Tea, for use on their Wedding Stationery, or even as part of their Wedding Day Photography Package.

Vouchers can be gifted for any amount you see suitable, and is great as a group gift.

Call Kat today on 0434 129 427 or email info@katstanleyphotography.com to find out how we can help you give your friends a memorable engagement gift.

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