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Wedding Dress Shopping in Sydney

Wedding Dress Shopping, isn’t it the one thing all brides dream about? We all want to feel like a goddess on our wedding day, and the most fun part of this is getting to try on as many dresses as you can.

So far, in my own personal journey, this has been the most exciting part of organising the wedding. With time ticking away and a wedding in less that six months for me, my wedding dress is a major milestone I hope to soon tick off the list.

With that I thought I would share some of my tips surrounding buying your perfect wedding dress and I will even divulge my favourite shops to visit so far.

Kat Stanley Photography

1. Budget

It is a must to have a budget in mind, especially one that you and your partner have both agreed on. And whilst this is true for me, I believe when it comes to your wedding dress, every girl wonders whether they should just splurge and completely blow that budget when the right dress comes along.

Of course, if this is the case for you, just make sure you aren’t spending your entire wedding budget on the dress. What fun would it be to have an expensive dress, but no where to wear it?

2. Fees

Be aware that some high end bridal boutiques will charge you to make an appointment. This was something I was surprised by when phoning some retail shops. Though it does make sense. There are so many people out there that shop for a dress, only to buy a copy online. So in defence of these shops, at least with letting potential customers know that there is a fee they are discouraging the ‘window shoppers’.

3. Fun

Bring along your mum, mother-in-law to be, step mum, aunty, grandmother or sister. Make a day of it. Celebrate the fun by including a nice lunch and coffee stops along the way. After all, you are going to need expert opinions to ohhh and ahhh over you as you parade in those gorgeous gowns.

My favourite Wedding Dress shops so far

Ivory & Lace – Austinmer NSW

Jenny the owner is fabulous and very helpful. I loved that she was barefoot and relaxed with no strict ‘trying on dress rules or fees’. She has a great range of designers and you’ll pay less for the same dresses stocked in Paddington. Approx $800-4k.

The Barefaced Bride – Kurnell NSW
Melanie has a small studio out the back of her home in Kurnell. She has a great range of designers and styles, and also a selection of gorgeous vintage garments. Approx $1,000 – $7,000.

Suzanne Harwood – Melbourne & regular trunk shows around Australia.
This was one of the best experiences I have had. We were met with champagne in a penthouse apartment on the harbour in Sydney. Great views and beautiful helpful caring girls who made my mum and I feel very special. Great dresses too, ranging from size 6-14 and costing 7k+.

Marry Me Bridal – Mosman NSW
They have a huge range and pretty much a sure thing for anyone wanting a ’traditional’ dress. Well priced too with many designers and last years stock on sale. $650-5k.

Lover – The Strand Arcade Sydney NSW
They have just introduced an all white collection which aren’t your traditional bridal offering. Only a small range but some great simple lace designs. $800-4k.

Helen Rodrigues – Neutral Bay NSW

If I had a bigger budget this shop would have been great for me. As it turned out, I wasn’t even tempted to try anything on as I was so scared of falling in love with it! Some of the top designers in Sydney are stocked here. 7k+.

Brides by Francesca – Rockdale NSW

My favourite designs here were the Berta Bridal range, and of course it was in the higher end for prices. To try on the Berta range you will need to pay a fee – these dresses were in great condition due to this.

Forever Vintage specialises in only original vintage from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 80’s with each and every peice lovingly hand picked and imported from Europe and America.  Forever Vintage is bound to have something you’ll simply fall in love with in a range of sizes from an Australian 4 to a 22.

I also stubbled upon this blog on Mr & Mrs with The Top 15 Wedding Dress Boutiques in Sydney

Even though I am getting very close to finding ‘the dress’ I am still looking for any tips or suggestions for great bridal boutiques in and around Sydney. I’m also looking for a great I would love to hear your thoughts so please send me your recommendations!

Wedding dress shopping sydney

Destination Wedding Ireland – Shelly & Dave

As a wedding photographer in Sydney, I bear witness to such a vast array of beautiful wedding photo locations. Though, when I was asked to travel to Ireland as the photographer for Shelly & Dave’s wedding recently, I thought this would be an amazing photographic opportunity I could not pass up.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

The Couple

When Shelly started working as a waitress in a cocktail bar she would never had thought she would find her husband to be in her manager Dave. They worked together for four years, forming a friendship when finally they were both single at the same time and Dave asked Shelly out on a date.

Then one chilly Thursday night after work, Shelly and Dave had dinner together at home, when Dave suggested they go out for a walk. As they walked from Bondi to Bronte, the pair stopped at Tamarama Beach (Dave’s favourite place in Australia), and as they were looking at the stars and chatting, Dave got down on one knee and asked Shelly to marry him. And as Shelly describes that moment – It was very romantic and very ‘us’.


Interview with the bride – Shelly

1. What do you love most about being married, and is it any different?

It is different to you and only the two of you. We have been married a month and are still like giggly teenagers. We have always been really close and best friends. Nothing really has changed within our relationship, it is just a feeling of a personal commitment to each other.
It is a special day shared, declaring your love in front of all your nearest and dearest. A moment in life I will never forget.

2. What is one piece of advice you would give other brides to be?

Remain calm – have faith in the venue, band, photographer and other vendors that you are booking. This is their job and they are good at it. You don’t want to be a bridezilla on the day, look back and think how did people put up with me?
An angry bride is an ugly one – so plan, organise, prepare and enjoy the fun. Not only is this a great time for you and your future husband, this is an amazing time with your family and friends. Especially the hens! Enjoy every second and remember to smile.


3. What did you give as your gift or bonboniere?

We got a Photo Booth Guest Book which was the best craic! Everyone loved it. Each guest received a copy of the photo strip to keep for themselves, and they left us a message (and photo) in our book. It was the best idea. And we were able to take the guest book home on the day which was hilarious!

4. What don’t the blogs and bridal magazines tell you?

To eat – you are so hyper and excited on the day, don’t forget to eat. Spend a few special moments with your husband as it is easy to get caught up with all your guests. Have a few drinks and enjoy the party. You won’t get drunk, as you’re on the best love buzz of your life.


5. Were there any outstanding beauty treatments or therapies that you discovered which you would recommend?

I drank lots of water in the lead up to the wedding, and had blemish spot free skin on the day!

Favourite Photo

So many it was so hard to choose. Kat Stanley Photography captured the magic of every moment. There is a beautiful one of me kissing my husband in the trees, and my veil is extravagantly lifted in the wind. But there is also the one of everyone outside the church, oh and also the bridal party on the jetty, and one of me hugging my mam, and 2 of our flower girls in the church… I could go on!


Shelly’s very generous testimonial: “Kat was part of our special day and spent the day before and after celebrating with our guests! Our friends became her friends and everything was easy and smooth. Kat had flown from Sydney to Ireland for us – which was AMAZING! We loved her style of photography and relaxed mannor, and the photos we have are perfect! Kat brought music for us (the ladies) into the room when getting ready and put us all at ease. She never stopped working and we practically had to take the camera out of her hands for a few minutes so she could have a drink or canapes with us. All our guests mentioned how remarkable the photographer was on the day, not imposing or staging, just catching the moments. And we agree!! I would highly recommend Kat, and in the grand scheme of things and the overall expense of a wedding — Kat was our Best Investment! We were sooooooo lucky she said yes :o)”


Using Corporate Branding to increase your online profile

Do you want to increase your business presence online? Are you struggling to be seen amongst all your competitors? Have you thought about updating your corporate branding?

What is corporate branding?

Corporate branding is the practice of using a company name as a brand name. It is an attempt to use corporate brand equity to create a greater brand recognition.

Corporate branding is not limited to a specific mark or name. Branding can incorporate multiple touch points including logo, photographic images, packaging, advertising and stationery. Any means by which the general public comes into contact with a specific brand constitutes a touchpoint that can affect perceptions of the corporate brand.

So how do you go about building your corporate brand?

Well for this I sought the advice of the expert – Llew Dowley, The Buzz Writer offered me this simple advice:

1. Start with your website.

When your ideal clients search for you, the first thing they look for is your website. This should be your ‘template’ to your corporate brand. If potential customers see that your website and all other material they receive is modelled in the same format, you will present a very professional brand image.

2. Use the same images, fonts, and colours on your website, advertising and marketing material.

This will enable you to be instantly recognisable to your clients and potential customers. This includes print marketing and e-marketing such as newsletters and flyers.

3. Make sure you build your presence online with social media.

Research what outlets your ideal clients use often and target those platforms. Three platforms is an ideal amount to self manage for your business.

4. Be visible.

You need to make sure you are in front of clients and potential customers, all the time. Send email newsletters on a regular basis, to keep in touch with your database. But don’t just sell – inform and educate so that you build trust in your market.

Though how does corporate branding translate to increasing your presence online for your business?

By using consistent branding across multiple content platforms or social media platforms, to connect with your market, then the more your corporate image will be seen online. Make sure you invest the time to connect with your target audience, so that they get the chance to witness your corporate brand.

Kat Stanley Photography can help you with your branding by starting with a Commercial or Corporate Photography session. More of our commercial & corporate branding shoots are up on our website: http://www.katstanleyphotography.com/commercial-pricing

Simply contact us on 0434 129 427 or send us an enquiry for a detailed quote info@katstanleyphotography.com

How to find that perfect Mother-of-the-Bride dress

Kat Stanley Photography - How to find the perfect Mother-of-the-Bride dress

With my wedding not far off in the future, my mum asked me if I could help her to choose an outfit for our special day. And that got me thinking, where do you shop for mothers-of-the-brides outfit? And how do you help the parents of the bride and groom to dress appropriately.

Knowing the style of wedding you are planning, and your expectations of what you want them to wear, will help explain to your parentals what look you are going for.

“People aren’t clear enough these days on their invites about dress expectation. I think it’s the fear of ruining an invite going into too much detail, but it is worth advising if you want people to specifically dress for the occasion. I still giggle that a friend came to my ‘white wedding party’ in brown.” Brooke.

What should the mother-of-the-bride wear?

I think it really depends on what the MOTB will be comfortable in. My mum – Jenny – asked if I could help her to find something modern. She had seen many mother-of-the-brides in tailored two-piece suits, and although they looked lovely, Jenny didn’t think this would suit her.

I am also lucky enough to have a soon to be mother-in-law and stepmother-in-law that I also want to include in the wedding party. So what better way than to ask one of my previous wedding clients, Brooke, some of her advice.

1. Dress for their style & age – My mum wanted to look like herself on the day, she didn’t want to veer off course just because it was a wedding. She stuck to her style and what suits her body shape, so that she would be comfortable all day and could look back at the photos happily.

2. Try not to clash – My mum wanted to wear a style that matched the wedding theme but not so much that she looked like a bridesmaid. We also thought about allowing for her outfit to compliment my father’s outfit, and vise-versa.

3. Make them a part of your preparations on the day – Including your ‘mums’ in your make up and hair will also allow them to feel included in the wedding day, with a nice touch being a matching dressing gown to the bridesmaids to get ready in.

Where can you shop for mother-of-the-bride outfits?

“I looked in the city and Bondi Junction to which I purchased two dresses (which I wasn’t totally happy with). Then on walking through David Jones at Miranda one day, the dress I wore jumped out at me and it was exactly what I was looking for. The colour and design was perfect, and it was off the rack Table Eight. So I truly believe, one knows what they want once you see it.” Lyn.

Another bride Mel, was telling me that her mum found the perfect purchase whilst in Hawaii at Calvin Klein which happened to be on sale at the time. So you can really get lucky anywhere.

Last weekend, I took mum to the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) in Sydney to look through the range of shops there. We found a range of boutiques that catered for formal outfits, that you can also wear at future events. A must for most MOTB’s! We visited Blooms Design and QueensPark and found a few outfits that mum was happy with.

Check out these great sites and shops which cater for mothers of the bride and groom outfits:

Vicky Mar   |   White Runway   |   Carla Zampatti   |   Anthea Crawford   |   Montique   |             Living Silk   |   Danielas    |   Noni B    |   North Beach Boutique

But of course I am open to suggestions!

I would love to hear from you if you know where I should go to find the perfect mother-of-the-bride dress for my mum. Leave us a comment below or email me directly at info@katstanleyphotography.com


Tips for making sure you have the ‘right’ selfie for your business

Business profile head shots

Reblog from the experts over at Brand PR Social

“It’s been a long time coming and, to be honest, I can’t believe I got away without having a professional head shot taken for so long … until now. Mainly it’s my ‘fear of photo’ that held me back from having this done but it’s definitely well overdue! Working with a wonderful photographer (http://www.katstanleyphotography.com/) who I had met before and felt comfortable with helped a great deal.

After ‘getting over myself’ to get through the shoot I was faced with four A4 pages of thumbnails to choose from. Here’s where I had amazing help from an actor who taught me what to look for when choosing your best head shot. I realise this is so important because this could be one of the most valuable selfies you ever have done. This pic helps communicate and ‘sell’ you as a business and brand.

Here are some of the things to look out for if you’re having your head shot taken:

  • Think about where the pics will be used and what they will be used for … this should guide what you wear, your stance, facial expression, backdrop which your photographer should help you with
  • Make sure the pic shows your personality and individuality, even if you’re part of a set of corporate ‘jacket on’ pics you can have a pop of colour via accessories or what you wear under your jacket
  • Have a few different ‘looks’ to suit different purposes, e.g. jacket on/off, hair up/down, tie/no tie
  • Smiley = engaging … even if you think it looks a little cheesy it’s much more pleasant to look at a smiling face
  • If you’re standing at a slight angle towards the camera, make sure the shoulder towards the back of the shot isn’t so far back that you’re disengaging and pulling away from your audience
  • Get feedback from brutally honest people in your life but ultimately choose what you like to look at because you’re the one who will probably be looking at it the most anyway.

This pic is my ‘I’m friendly, warm, confident, you need me’ look!

corporate headshots sydney

Share your photo tips or fear of photo stories with me… would love to hear them.”


Newborn photography

newborn photography sutherland shire

Having a baby is the most amazing time in your life, and one that most people want to capture for a lifetime.

So is it any wonder that newborn photography sessions in the sutherland shire are on the rise?

But knowing when is the best time to book a newborn photo shoot can be a worry for many parents-to-be. Below are some guides that I prepare my clients with when discussing a photo shoot with a newborn.

newborn photography sutherland shire

1. How long after my baby is born should I book my newborn photography session?

Don’t be weighed down by these approximations of time. We can not rush you, or you beautiful baby, to be ready. Depending on the style of newborn shots you are going for, can depend on when I recommend booking in your session.

For those cute, posed, sleepy shots, within the 10 day mark is a good time period. And for more natural, eye’s open and some soft smiles, up to six weeks is preferable.

We then recommend the next time to capture your baby is at 3 months, 6 months and then their first birthday. That first year is the most exciting as they grow up and change so quickly.

newborn photography sutherland shire

2. What do I need to do to prepare for the newborn shoot?

I will be in contact with you leading up to the photography session, and will gauge from you when is the best time to visit. The shoot can take between 1-2 hours, and I can come to your home, where you and your baby are the most comfortable. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, we can take on the outdoors for a sunrise or sunset photo shoot.

Don’t go out of your way to change your routine, I understand that you can not really plan your day when dealing with a newborn, and I will do my best to fit in with you. If you have your baby fed and washed, I find they are the most relaxed by the time I arrive. Then they can easily drift off to sleep while we move them into the most adorable looking poses.

We find that each baby has it’s own favourite position, so certain poses work better then others. If you have short listed any nice photo references we can mimic various poses on the day and see how the baby responds.

newborn photography sutherland shire

 3. Do I need to supply any photography props?

This is up to you. Whilst I can provide the basics like blankets and cane baskets, if you’re going for a more specific look we would recommend finding sentimental items as props. Be as individual as you like, and we can generally make anything work. Gather any items that sum you up as a family or that represent your baby in a certain way.

Once again, this will be a topic that we discuss leading up to the appointment so that we are all on the same page.

newborn photography sutherland shire

4. What if we want family photos and on the day, I am not prepared to sit in front of the camera?

I recognise that as a new mum you may not be feeling your best on the day I arrive for your newborn shoot. This is why I will never insist that you have to be in the photos.

Though in another breath I would like to say, that even if you feel that stepping in front of the camera is a very daunting aspect, I can include you in the photography in a more subtle way. This may include a photo of your new baby in your hands, or a shot of your little one over your shoulder. We can be very creative, and still make your family the centre of your images.

newborn photography sutherland shire

5. What about a pre-baby or pregnancy photography session?

Arranging a pregnancy photography session can give and your partner an opportunity to capture before and after photos. This is especially wonderful if you already have other children in your family, and want to record a few family images pre and post your new arrival.


Having a new baby enter your world can be a big change. Whilst the team at Kat Stanley Photography want to be able to capture these precious moments for you, we also want to make sure you are as relaxed as you can be during our session. This will ensure that the beauty we witness can be expressed in your images for a lifetime.

If would like to enquire about a booking, do not hesitate in contacting Kat on 0434 129 427 or info@katstanleyphotography.com

Why you should invest in a pre-wedding photo shoot

Pre wedding photo shoot sydney

Have you ever wondered why couples choose to have a photography session before the wedding?

Well, sometimes it is to build confidence in a camera-shy client, and other times it is so they can utilise the images for the wedding itself.

Still not sure if you want one? Well, at Kat Stanley Photography we get asked about pre-wedding photo shoots a lot. So we thought we would give you the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Engagement Photo Shoot Cronulla : Kat Stanley Photography

What is a pre-wedding shoot?

It is a photography session prior to your wedding day, where you and your partner get together with your wedding photographer and take some wonderful portrait photos as a keepsake. This is usually a casual and fun photography session, but also gives you the chance to work with your photographer without the stress of the wedding day.

Engagement Photo Shoot Cronulla : Kat Stanley Photography

Why should I have a pre-wedding photography session?

Have you ever thought about having a personalised photo as your thank you notes to your guests after the wedding? What a wonderful way to say thank you to everyone who attended your special day than to send them a professional photo. Better yet, use your pre-wedding professional photography session as a way to capture some beautiful memories of just the two of you in a more casual setting. And this will also allow you to pre organise your thank you cards so they can be sent out the week following your wedding, whilst you are still away enjoying your honeymoon.

Another great idea is to frame a picture or create an album for your guests to look through at your wedding. You can position your photos beside your ‘wishing well’ or nearby your guest book. Luckily with each of our engagement & pre wedding photo shoots you get a 16 x 24 inch printed enlargement. This is something most couples rarely get the chance to do. So why not enjoy it, and have some fun before your big day.

Engagement Photo Shoot Cronulla : Kat Stanley Photography

What if I am shy in front of a camera?

Well, this is all the more reason to practise with a photography session before your wedding day. Arranging a photo shoot before the big day will give you time to feel comfortable in front of the camera, and with your photographer. Kat has just recently introduced supplying a picnic with warm and cold drinks and home made goodies mid way through your pre wedding shoot. This enables you to sit and chat with your photographer, so you can all get to know each other. A professional photographer will help you to be yourself, and the more time you spend getting to know your photographer, the more relaxed you will feel in front of the lens.

Engagement Photo Shoot Cronulla : Kat Stanley Photography

How do I prepare for the photo shoot?

Make your pre wedding shoot personal so that it really means something to you. Think about all the things that are sentimental to you or that sum you up as a couple. Do either of you play the guitar, are you fanatical about a football team, or are you arty and creative or just romantic and enjoy picnics? We can create scenes and sets and various styles to suit you. We always like to think outside the box and trying something new. By bringing along props and accessories to your photo shoot it can drastically change the look and feel of your photos.

By showing your photographer photo references we can visualise the style that you prefer and the direction you’d like to go. We find Pinterest is great for this and you can follow us at this link: http://www.pinterest.com/katstanleyphoto/

Engagement Photo Shoot Cronulla : Kat Stanley Photography

Does a pre wedding shoot help the photographer?

Yes definitely! It allows your photographer to get to know your personalities and what works to get the best results. A photo shoot prior to your ceremony & reception is also a great opportunity to see your photographer in action. But also to witness the beauty that we see through the camera, when we capture those memorable moments between the two of you.

When going through your pre wedding photos at your viewing, it is very helpful for your photographer to understand how you perceive yourself and what images you prefer of each other so that your photographer know’s you very well by the time it gets to your wedding day.

If you still have questions, we would be happy to help. Just send an email to us at info@katstanleyphotography.com

There are more photos from these beautiful engagement photo shoots on our website: http://www.katstanleyphotography.com/engagement-photo-shoot-cronulla#0

Night Time Wedding Photos

Kat Stanley Photography Night Time Wedding Blog

Have you allowed enough time for your photographer to step outside your wedding reception for ten minutes of night time photography fun?

Don’t believe that as soon as the sun goes down you need to say goodbye to your wedding photographer. Some of the most wonderful photos can be achieved with a little bit of pre-planning and thinking outside of the box.

I have photographed a myriad of Sydney weddings over the past few months, I must admit that the earlier sunsets since daylight savings has ended, are allowing some amazing evening photography.

All that effort and planning you have put into the how your wedding reception will look, have you thought about how the soft lighting will actually provide such a gorgeous backdrop for some special memories.

So why not create that WOW factor and get something a little different from your wedding photos.

Talk to Kat about your ideas so she can share some inspiration and create something unique for your wedding photos.

What Every Bride Must Have In Their Wedding Day ‘Bride-Aid’ Kit

Kat Stanley Photography Bride Aid Kit Blog

What is a bride-aid kit?

Easy – It is a first aid kit for brides. With all the little essentials you may need for mini emergencies on your wedding day.

So I thought who better to ask than the experts – my wedding clients! They have the knowledge and experience having gone through it all, and I will definitely be using their suggestions on my wedding day.

Below are the top 13 tips our feature wedding clients recommend for any bride to be.

1. Mints – Because of all the kissing, not just your partner, but family and friends too!

2. Bandaids – New shoes, mini injuries, kids…

3. Perfume – For that sweet smell that is you.

4. Lipstick & Powder – touch ups between kissing sequences, and for perfect photogenic lips.

5. Safety pins – There is bound to be at least one wardrobe malfunction in the wedding party.

6. Panadol – A lifesaver in times of need.

7. Bottled water – This getting married stuff is thirsty work.

8. Tissues – Let’s face it, we can get emotional, it’s our wedding day!

9. Flat shoes – No-one will know anyway as they are hidden by your dress.

10. Eye drops – To ensure you don’t have red eyes for all those photos.

11. Anti Histamine – To keep the sneezing at bay.

12. Full make up kit – All that smooching may require touch ups during the day.

13. Champagne – To celebrate between ceremony & reception, after all you are now offically hitched!

Feature wedding – Jules & Ben

vintage wedding camden

Jules and Ben’s wedding was an absolute dream to shoot, but before I tell you about the wedding, let me tell you their story.

Having grown up in small neighbouring towns on the south coast of NSW, the gorgeous couple knew each other through friends from the last years of high school. However, it wouldn’t be until they were in their early twenties that they would see each other in a different light.

One afternoon, Ben convinced Jules to miss her gym session, and join him on the beach at Coledale for a bbq after work. This was not an unusual request from Ben, when the weather was nice. So Jules joined him, hair in a knot, no make up, in her gym clothes, and whilst she was busy taking Instagram pictures of the view, Ben popped the ring box on the table and asked Jules to marry him.

Interview with the bride – Jules

1. What’s one piece of advice you’d give the brides to be?

Take the week off before your wedding and enjoy the lead up. Because our wedding was an ‘All hands on deck’, DIY affair – I made sure I checked in with myself regularly to make sure I was present and taking it all in with a smile. The day goes so fast, so making sure you count the build up as part of the wedding experience is important, and prolongs the event. I know as time goes on, I will always look back fondly on my ‘Wedding Week’.

2. What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

Getting to the end of the aisle, grabbing his hands and just staring at each other, beaming, unable to break eye contact. I will try so hard to never forget how I felt when we were in that moment. It was like we both couldn’t believe this was happening to us.

3. What would you do differently?

I would have said a small speech to tell our parents, families, friends, bridesmaids and groomsmen how appreciative we were of all the effort that was put in to making the day perfect. I wish I had it ‘together’ enough to tell both our Mums and Dads, our Brothers and Sisters how it made me tingle with excitment to look around the marquee and see the handmade decorations and hand made coffee cups.

To tell Ben’s Granny that it meant so much to me that she altered my dress, so now it will be a family heirloom. To tell my beautiful bridesmaid how perfect the wedding cake she made for us was, to give a huge shout out to the aunties and friends who baked dlecious food for the garden party before the reception, and to my sister who flew from Melbourne 4 times in 6 months just to be a part of it.

But most of all, to tell Ben that I am so grateful to be with him forever…I feel as though our wedding had more love and help behind it than any other wedding before us, and I know I have spoken my gratitude to them all personally, but now I have made it public.

4. What are the best things to have in a ‘bride-aid kit’?

Anti-histamine, Nurofen, eye drops, a full make up kit, perfume, mints and snacks. My sister-in-law and Mum both gave me amazing packs, that between myself and the bridesmaids, we used alot of.

5. People often say the day goes so quickly, what do you wish you spent more time doing?

As much as I would have loved to get around and have a proper catch up with everyone,  Ben and I knew it would never be possible on our wedding day, realistically, the event has about 2 free hours of mingling. It is easy to get swept up speaking to all the guests, but forget to speak to your husband or wife – we know, we did this at our engagement party.

So to make sure we weren’t regretful of not seeing each other on the day, we discussed beforehand that we would try not to separate from each other for longer than 15 minutes, so we actually enjoyed it, ‘together’.

This worked great and meant I never had to think – ‘I wish I saw him…’

Favourite photo from the day?

There is a beautiful pic of Ben and I lying in the autumn leaves that I adore! We had so much fun doing our photos, our bridal party loved it too…Kat makes it so fun and happy!

All the bells & whistles…

Ceremony –  St Paul’s Anglican Church, Cobbitty.
Reception – Ben’s Aunties bush property in South West Sydney, within a huge marquee by Premier Party Hire, Castle Hill
Photographer – Kat Stanley Photography
Photo shoot locations – The surrounds of Cobbitty Church and a property on Cobbitty Road.
Honeymoon – Brisbane and Tamborine Mountain, Pethers Rainforest Retreat…its a must!

Hair – Maggie
Make Up – I did my own, using a combination of Young Blood and Napoleon
Cars –  Our bridal party was too big, we decided just to hire a mini van! My uncle did offer Ben and I his vintage Chev however, which was gorgeous.
Flowers – We designed our own bouquets the night before (such a fun activity to do with the bridesmaids!!) We sourced our flowers from Thorton’s Brothers Roses, Tahmoor. However, I had a spectacular Flower Crown designed by Jennie at Merci Bouquet, Camden.

Celebrant – David Barrie of St Paul’s Anglican Church, Cobbitty.
Caterer – Argyle Gourmet, Camden.
Musician – We had a DJ.
MC – We asked Ben’s sister and her fiancé to be the MC’s.
Dress – Fabled and True, the most amazing wedding dress I have ever seen. Ben’s Granny helped re-design it and alter it to make it exactly what I wanted, which was so special to me.
Shoes – I just used some old ones from my cupbaord, no one saw them.
Event Stylist – Myself, my mum and my mother in law….we should be in business!
Wedding planner – As above!