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What to do if rain is forecast for your wedding day

Wedding day photos in the rain

Thinking about an outdoor wedding? But what if it rains? Well if you plan it right, a little bit of rain could actually transform your wedding into a fairytale ending.

Outdoor weddings make for a beautiful picturesque background for your dream wedding. Country weddings, beach weddings and garden weddings are a visually beautiful way to compliment your wedding photographs.

Though with the challenge of a wedding in the great outdoors, you will need to make sure you have ‘Plan B’ mapped out in the event Mother Nature has a different idea.

Whilst no-one will stop you from checking the long range forecast, the 7 day forecast, and the weather channel every few hours leading up to your wedding day, having a great back up plan will help you keep the wedding day anxiety down, well as much as we can!

wedding photo wet weather options

1. Make a plan you are happy with, and know when you will put it in place.

Planning an outdoor wedding with an indoor option, can allow you the freedom to plan two beautiful themes for your one wedding day. Knowing when to make the call to go for your second option can also be a tough decision. When you plan, you will have a deadline of when you need to make your choice by.

And although you will agonise as to whether you are making the right choice, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where your wedding ceremony and reception take place so long as you are there with the one you love.


2. Prepare for weather with gorgeous umbrellas and gum boots.

Matching or in contrast, imagine all that gorgeous nature and pops of colour from your rain gear. Or keep it simple in white and black. Make a statement. Show how much fun you had in planning your big day. Enjoy the beauty that comes with being outside in nature.

wedding photo wet weather options

3. Use the weather as a photo prop.

Embrace the weather, there is nothing you can do to change it, so use it to your advantage. The nature around you will look fresh and soft in the rain, and your skin will have a beautiful glow. Embrace it.

Find a huge tree and use it as your refuge. Get those umbrellas out and give them a twirl. Stomp your feet in those gumboots. Make some amazing memories.

wedding photo wet weather options

Finally – have fun, get wet, and don’t forget to dance in the rain.

* Handy tip to remember – Kat now has 12 matching clear and white umbrellas stored in the boot of her car, so should it start raining, we have you covered 🙂

Some options in Sydney that offer great wet weather options are:

  • Queen Victoria Building (QVB) with it’s opulence and grand ceilings offers a fantastic alternative to an outdoor photo shoot.
  • Sydney Uni offers some incredible archways and corridors under cover as a beautiful historic backdrop.
  • Martin Place, Sydney CBD, offers a range of styled locations outdoors which will protect you from the elements as well.
  • Angel Place is a styled lane for foot traffic and which is decorated with art and birdcages hanging from long rope, giving a vintage, artistic feel to your photos.
  • Intercontinental Hotel exudes elegance and simplicity with the most amazing skyline of Sydney Harbour as the view.
  • The Ivy Sunroom is a retro inspired conference area, filled with bright green and yellow accents for that perfect hint of flavour.
  • Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour, sprinkled with restaurants and bars, entryways and architecture, with the harbour right in front of you for a contrast in images.
  • Dendy Cinema, Circular Quay features gorgeous patterns on the floor which are great for aerial style shooting options.
  • The Ivy Pool Club has a resort style setting with fun and cheeky furnishings.
  • Observatory Hill, The Rocks there is a few under cover options and also a Rotunda
  • Underneath the Harbour Bridge, The Rocks

Be imaginative and think about sentimental places nearby that we can hold your wedding photos. Have you ever thought about your favourite cafe, restaurant or bar? Or even an art gallery, museum or cinema.

* Handy tip – ensure you check within one weeks notice to see whether you require a photography permit. Some of these options may require one and they can range from $80-$250.

And don’t worry we will never stop shooting due to the rain, there are always fun alternatives and options available and we will ensure we find a solution.

Hen’s Day Photography

Hens day photos sydney : Kat Stanley Photography

Are you planning an amazing day out for your hen’s with your closest friends and family? Did you want to make the most of this opportunity to dress up with the girls? Then why not plan an event to remember and include a hen’s day or night photo shoot.

Whether you want to capture candid or posed images, or a mixture of both, having a professional photographer onboard for your pre wedding celebration is a great way to record your memories with your friends.

After all the effort that goes into planning an event to remember for a hen’s party, don’t leave the photo responsibilities up to your guests. Be sure to savour these moments with your friends, and you could even turn these into a thank you gift for your bridal party on your wedding day.

No matter if you are planning a high tea for 50, have sourced themed dress-up garments for your guests to model, or are having an elegant meal with your bridal party, allowing a photographer to be part of your fun filled day will mean you will have all the little details to keep for the future.

Kat Stanley Photography can offer you tailored packages to suit your event in Sydney, or even on the road. And if you are stuck for ideas, don’t worry, we have years of experience making memories fun – but most importantly – all about you.

Contact us today to enquire about our services for your event.

Kat Stanley Photography   |   0434 129 427   |   info@katstanleyphotography.com

I’m Engaged!

Recently engaged in cronulla

It is the news I want to shout from the rooftops! Who doesn’t, when their perfect man proposes?

My gorgeous ‘bunny’ and I are high school sweet hearts. We have been together on and off for the last 14 years – or half of my life so far with this incredible (hairy) man. It was never dramatic, just that we were willing to let each other find ourselves and travel, remaining best friends all along. But at the end of our travels, we came back together, as we always knew we would.

With both our mum’s planning our wedding since we can remember, I knew it would happen, but it was the when I didn’t know.

How he managed to keep the proposal a secret was beyond me. Our families are always good at spilling the beans, I was just amazed that he managed to pull it off without me even having an inkling.

So the engagement, well for us, it doesn’t get more cheesy than this… Christmas morning (2013), I wake up at 6.00am to Barry White playing in our lounge room.

We have joked about Ben playing Barry White when he proposes, as this is ‘our song’ from when we first got together, all those years ago. So in my weary sleepy state, as I realise what I’m hearing, and what is about to happen, I run out of the room, jump into his arms, and tackle him to the ground, saying ‘YES! YES! YES!’, and smothering him with kisses.

It takes a few moments before I realise – What about the ring! Benny has hand drawn sketches on a piece of paper, designed the look and even managed to have the ring made without my knowledge. The ring is amazing, with a rose gold band, and black & white diamonds as the centre piece – one for every year we have been together.

What is the most surreal is that he managed to even ask my dad’s permission, without my mum knowing in the process. This was something even my mum was shocked to hear!

With a beard that steals hearts and a heart of rose gold, he is a beautifully creative soul, an intelligent man, and gorgeous beyond words. He has always been the one and only for me, a definite keeper and, he’s all mine!

Fashion Photography Portraits – Essential Tips For The Perfect Portrait Session

Fashion portraits by female photographer Kat Stanley Photography

Are you interested in becoming a fashion model, or entering the modelling circuit?  Do you need a variety of portraits for your fashion model portfolio?  Or are you simply wanting to feel glamorous for a day?

Whether you are looking for a photo shoot just for you, or to assist your entry into the fashion and modelling industry, we can tailor our portrait sessions to suit.

Simply follow these essential tips and your portrait photography session will be a breeze.

Preparing for your photo shoot

Research photo references. This means collecting any images you have seen online, in magazines, or elsewhere, that you really like and want to emulate.

These references are helpful as they produce an idea of the style of photography you like. It can also help the make up artist and hair stylist – if you have chosen to book them. Alternatively, if you have seen images on the Kat Stanley Photography website, you can also use these as your own inspiration.

Do you have a background in mind that you want to style your photos?  Have you thought about what look you wanted to achieve?

The shoot location will outline the style of photos we produce, whether they have a beach or country feel, or an industrial look, the location can dramatically change the outcome of your portraits.

If you are unsure, research your desired look and take notice of where the images were shot. Make sure you let your photographer know prior to your scheduled session of your ideas.

Styling Top Tip : Be you!

What to wear to your session can be daunting. So we have put together a list of things to help you select your outfit.

Solid, bright, vibrant colours look good, but you can mix in different patterns and textures to keep things interesting.

Avoid large logos, or anything branded that will be too distracting and might take the focus off you.

Choose different colour palettes for different looks (if you are having several outfit changes) and blend your shoes, accessories and jewellery well together. Bold coloured jewellery is a must and can drastically change the shoot.

Our goal is to make it fun for you and to show the essence of you and your personality. Make sure you bring along those pieces of clothing that tell your story.

beach fashion photo

During the portrait session

Try to relax.

Honestly this sounds very basic, but if you forget the camera is even there, you will find it so much easier to find your natural smile. Just keep it simple, and don’t overthink it. You don’t have a bad side – it is all good!

Let your photographer deal with the light and tell you where is best to stand for the right shot. You can then focus on just being you. If you don’t feel comfortable in any of the shots – make sure you tell your photographer.  Use your voice, don’t be afraid to speak up. If you don’t feel quite right, this will show up in the images. So make sure involve yourself in the creativity of the session.

Bec_Jones_0375low reslr

After the shoot

Go forth and prosper!

I love it when I hear a good news story as a result of a photo shoot I performed. Just last week I received this amazing message from one of my clients:

“Hi Kat, it’s Natalie we did a photo shoot in October last year. I just wanted to let you know that I am a contestant in Miss World Australia this year thanks to your beautiful pictures.”

So why not give us a call to schedule your fashion portrait session today.

Feature Wedding – Olivia & Andrew

Olivia and Andrew had known each other for a few years through mutual friends. Olivia thought Andrew was a nice guy, but it wasn’t until 2007 that they shared their first kiss at an Australia Day Party hosted by one of their now bridesmaids. It only took a few dates for the couple to be totally smitten with each other.

Olivia & Andrew lived with each other for some years, and in that time, knew quite a bit about each other, not to mention meeting Prince Harry in Croatia together!

They went camping at Pretty Beach for a week over the summer holidays in early 2013. Having been to this location a few times before that, the spot was special to the two of them. On the last day of their holiday, Andrew & Olivia went to the beach. Olivia conveniently went in the water for a swim and when she came out, noticed that there was sand on her towel. One of Olivia’s pet hates is that she can not stand sand on her towel. As her hat was on top of her towel, she had to pick it up first before she could remove the sand. It was at the moment that she lifted the hat that to her surprise a box appeared.

Andrew picked up the box, already down on one knee, with the ring in his hand. Obviously Andrew had used a cunning ploy to surprise Olivia with his proposal. Olivia was in so much shock that she can’t even remember if she even managed to officially say yes from her shrieks of joy!

On the day of the wedding, a video was taken by Olivia’s uncle towards the end of the night of everyone on the dance floor. All of the guests and bridal party were up dancing and everyone was absolutely enjoying themselves. An impromptu sing-a-long ensued and then the guests lifted Andrew and Olivia up into the air as a couple. This rounded out such an amazing day of warmth, love and celebration. Olivia remarks that every time she hears Wake Me Up by Avicii, a smile beams across her face from the memories.

Interview with the Bride – Olivia

1.     What’s one piece of advice you’d give the brides to be?

Don’t leave anything until the last minute. I am lucky that when it comes to these types of things I am very organised but make sure you plan everything way before the big day.

Also, don’t check the forecast in the lead up – it just creates stress over nothing. I checked it a whole week prior, and two days before I witnessed the forecast change to showers all week. On the day of arriving at Terrara House – the sun started coming out, and the weather was PERFECT!

2.    What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

That is such a hard question. I had so many moments that were memorable – getting ready with my bridesmaids in the Terrara House Estate Bridal Salon & Spa; Having my dad walk me down the aisle; Seeing how happy my parents were…

I would have to say though, walking down the aisle, looking at Andrew, and seeing how happy and handsome he looked was probably my most memorable moment. I have never felt a love like it and I will cherish it forever.

3.    What are the best things to have in a ‘bride-aid kit’?

My makeup artist gave me a little pack of touch up powder and a lip gloss to keep me going for the day & night but luckily the venue had hairspray in the bathroom – that was a huge hit! I also had Perfume, mints & tissues, and Band-Aids to be safe.

4. People often say the day goes so quickly, what do you wish you spent more time doing?

The day flies by! I do wish I got to speak to my overseas family a little bit more, they made the trek out here and it was so hard to get to speak to everyone so that’s my only regret. I know people understand but you do feel bad.

I also wish we danced more! We both love dancing and I felt like that time all went so quickly.

5.What don’t the blogs and bridal magazines tell you?

Reading magazines are great – but speaking to people with personal experience is better.

Favourite photo from the day

That is impossible to answer! Way too many to choose from. Kat is absolutely amazing and every single photo we are obsessed with. I cried a lot of happy tears looking through them all.

All The bells & whistles

Ceremony and Reception – Terrara House Estate, Nowra
Wedding Photographer – Kat Stanley Photography
Shoot locations – Terrara House Estate & gardens
Honeymoon – Noosa

Hair – Pete from Chelsea Hairdressing
Make Up – Lauren from the Makeup Lady. http://www.makeuplady.com.au/
Flowers – Terrara House did our flowers.
Celebrant – Robyn Lenehan
Musician – The Tom & Dave Show.
MC – Brett. He was my Maid of Honour’s partner.
Dress – My dress was a custom made design. I worked with Coral from Corston Couture who was such a lovely lady. She really knew what worked best with my figure and every detail on the dress was perfect.
Shoes – I went through Shoes Of Prey which to be honest, I wasn’t 100% happy with them. The ladies were very helpful though in allowing me return 2 pairs and replacing them, and after my third attempt at a pair we got it right. They were a small heel and very comfortable.
Event Stylist – I don’t think I can put into words how amazing Rosi, Sue, Jodi and the rest of the team at Terrara House was. Every little thing was perfect and they were so calm and helpful with me on the day.
Wedding planner – Myself, Rosie & Sue also from Terrara House.
Caterer – Terrara House catered it all.
Invitations & Stationery – Hayley Adams, Paperbark Rose #paperbarkrose.
Bonbonieres – Piccolo & Poppi.

Headpiece – Teeki Designs. Amy designed my custom headpiece, she was awesome! I want to wear it again I just love it so much.

Grace Sydney Candles. We had candles placed in the marquee which made it smell absolutely divine. Ashleigh and her mother were lovely to deal with. They smell so good and they even place custom labels on the candles too. They are so well priced too. We chose the French Pear scent. Delightful!!!

Feature Wedding – Jo & Jarrod

Noosa wedding photography

Jo & Jarrod met at the Corner House in Bondi. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, and Jarrod had decided to haul himself off the couch to return a set of bongos to a friend.

Jo was enjoying a cheeky drink in celebration of completing a very muddy warrior dash that weekend. Introduced through mutual friends, the two of them ended up bonding over quite a few bottles of red wine.

Fast forward eighteen months later, and whilst on holiday in Noosa for Jo’s birthday, the pair drove up to the lookout at sunset. It was almost Easter and Jarrod, being the cheeky bugger that he is, turned to Jo and said,

‘I got you a couple of karats.’

What he had actually given Jo was two Lindt chocolate carrots. Then followed up with the actual ring in a box and commented, ‘I got you a few extra as well’, celebrating their engagement over dinner at Ricky’s Waterfront restaurant in Noosa.

Jo’s hen’s day was themed, ‘I’m with the band’, with everyone dressing up as rockstars and heading into a dance studio in Surry Hills, were they learnt the moves to Thriller by Michael Jackson.

This was followed by drinks and a show and more drinks. The night was full of fun and frivolity with Jo’s girlfriends even creating life size cut outs of Jarrod’s face which the crew wore throughout the night.  To top it off, one of the cut outs even popped up at the wedding reception on the MC, bringing about roaring laughter from the guests.

Jo and Jarrod were lucky enough to become parents to a beautiful boy prior to getting married, and being paige boy on the day, it was a gorgeous touch when their son carried a sign down the aisle which read ~ Here comes the bride

Interview with the bride – Jo

1. What’s one piece of advice you’d give the brides to be?

Enjoy it. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get your family and closest friends together for one big celebration.

Don’t sweat the small stuff as no one else does.

Oh…and make sure you do a speech!

2. What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

Our wedding dance! We created guest voting cards as we love too many songs, and couldn’t decide on a first dance. All of our guests got to vote and of course picked the humorous one…

It ended up being ~ Flight Of The Concords, The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room

3. What would you do differently?

I would make sure our speeches stuck to the time they were given. We had a lot of passionate people with lots to say, and the speeches pretty much lasted all night. Though they were very funny.

4. What are the best things to have in a ‘bride-aid kit’?


Favourite photo on the day

They are all really cool. I like the beach one that shows the back of my dress and us looking out to sea.

All the bells & whistles

Ceremony – Hidden Grove Noosa Woods
Reception – Sails restaurant, Noosa
Shoot locations – Beach, Noosa Woods and reception
Honeymoon – We didn’t have one as had family over from the UK and wanted to spend time with them

Hair – Beauty on the move
Make Up – Beauty on the move
Flowers – Mondo Flower designs, Noosa
Celebrant – Kristy Ellis

Musician – Dan McGahan
MC – Friends – Joley & Brett
Dress – Lisa Gowing
Shoes – I designed my own through Shoes of Prey
Event Stylist – Lovebirds, Noosa
Caterer – Sails restaurant, Noosa


A wedding through the eyes of a photographer

Wedding photographer

Believe it or not, for me, the excitement of your big day all begins about 12 months before your actual wedding. It usually hits me when I first receive that initial point of contact, either through a phone call or email.

When I meet you for the first time, my energy for your wedding increases as I start to visualise the two of you in the photos, and your vision for what you would like your day to look like.

Every wedding is different, and the couples that choose to individualise their wedding, are my favourite. Whether you have clear ideas or not, by speaking to professionals in the industry (who do this everyday), you can collaborate and style your wedding in any way you like. The possibilities are endless.

One of my favourite parts of being a wedding photographer is location scouting. Prior to the actual wedding day, I take my camera and go to the destination of your wedding ceremony, and check out the surroundings to scout any photographic opportunities. Of course, on the day it can be different and often when we go for our photo shoot, I will see something fresh and new. Though I choose to scout out the location first, as I believe in good preparation for all of my clients and, to enable a stress free wedding day photo shoot. A good shot always depends on how the light is falling on the day and how we can capture it.

The Wedding Day

I am up early for an ocean swim, a bike ride or a run to get the energy levels up. I too experience nervous butterflies the morning of your big day. Mostly excitement for what the day will bring.
Photography is more of a passion to me then ‘just a job’, and you are likely to see bursts and squeals of excitement from me over the light, or when I know I have captured the perfect shot for you. Then I just can’t wait to get back to the office and edit it!
The drive home, is the biggest rush of adrenaline for me. The day is over, everything has gone well, or better then expected, and I felt privileged to meet so many amazing people and be in great company. Now I start to unwind and reflect on the day.
I will usually finish off by going for a walk by the beach the next day, followed by a massage to relax the muscles from the heavy lifting and camera work. It’s tough work, believe me!


The Editing Process

A shoot from beginning to end takes on average 45 hours in total, with at least a week of editing spent on every wedding. The editing process is where most of my time is actually spent, though working on the images just energises me all over again.
Colour enhancement, cropping and retouching is all part of this creative process. I have to move around a lot to keep focus and concentrate. I make myself walk away from my computer every few hours to encourage a burst of energy during the creativity process.
Lots of coffee and walks around the block are crucial here. The hardest part for me is cutting out photos which won’t make the final edit. In the end, you end up with way more photos than you would expect, because you are so caught up in the moment, it is easy to forget (or miss) the little details. But that is why my assistant and I are there. To capture the everlasting moments in time so that you can treasure your wedding photos for the rest of your lives.



The Finished Product

The best part. Beware, there are often tears.
I often surprise my clients with teasers online, or in person in my office when you collect your wedding shots. It is such an emotional moment that I find my client’s love their images so much, that they purchase their favourites from the day to showcase on their walls at home. The centrepiece of their wedding photo experience is often topped off by purchasing one of our breathtaking wedding albums.
There is something so special about seeing your photography work on a client’s wall in their home, or perfectly captured in print, that always leaves me feeling so complete. I often get a rush of emotion, and clarification that there is nothing else in the world I would rather be doing, when a client leaves my office beaming, with a bundle of memories to treasure for life.


How to incorporate your wedding invitations and stationery into your wedding photos

Sydney wedding photographer : Kat Stanley Photography

This article is brought to you by Kristi Charter at Giant Invitations.

I met Kristi when researching her work through the Giant Invitations website. Kristi and I have formed a great relationship since then, assisting each other by sharing content for blogs and feature photographs. 


Watson's Bay Boutique Hotel

Wedding at Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel

While you may not realise how important wedding invitations and stationery are initially, once you begin organising them, you’ll soon realise a large chunk of your time will go towards planning them.

Your invitations will set the tone for your upcoming nuptials and will act as a precursor to how your wedding will be styled.  So why wouldn’t you consider requesting your photographer set up some shots to capture your invites and stationery.

While many brides haven’t done this or wouldn’t even consider doing it, your invites and stationery will make for some great styling photos to help encapsulate the essence of your big day.

Wedding stationary

Wedding stationary at Terrara House Estate

Photographing your invitations

Depending on your wedding theme, there are a number of ways you can photograph your wedding invitations. One great way to do so would be to have them photographed together with your bouquet. Your photographer can do this when they come to take some morning/getting ready/pre-wedding snaps.

Alternatively you might like to bring your invite along to your wedding and have it set up next to one of your décor elements. This could be a part of the wedding table layout or next to a candy bar, the options truly are endless.

Another fun idea is to take a photo of you and your groom holding the invite. This will make for an undeniably cute photo and will be an entertaining addition to the introduction of your wedding photo album. Your photographer will be able to come up with some visually appealing and creative ideas, let’s not forget it’s what they are there to do.

Wedding stationary at The Waterfront in Wollongong

Wedding stationary at The Waterfront in Wollongong

Snap-worthy wedding day stationery

Your wedding stationery is just as important as your wedding invites as they often help tie together your overall wedding theme. Think menu cards, table numbers, seating charts, order of service ceremony booklets and thank you cards.

All of these items are relatively easy for your photographer to take a photo of throughout the day, however, unless you specifically indicate to your photographer that you would like these types of shots, you might miss out.

You will put a lot of effort into organising your wedding stationery and how your table décor will be presented so why not capture the memory too. Shots of your reception provide an insight into the atmosphere and formality of your wedding, with your wedding stationery and invitations setting the scene for your big day.

By having photos taken of your wedding stationery, you will be able to look back on all the hard work and planning that went into creating your special day.

Author bio:

Kristi Charter is an experienced freelance writer with a breadth of knowledge across an array of subjects. Captivated by the wedding industry, Kristi is currently a Content and Social Media Coordinator at Giant Invitations.

Feature Wedding – Brooke & Paul Douglas

Cronulla Wedding : Kat Stanley Photography

Brooke arrived in Hong Kong for work in April 2011 and spotted her husband-to-be across a local bar. Brooke mentioned to her friend that the guy across the bar was just her type.

Twelve months later, Brooke was set up on a blind date by a friend, and it was Paul, the guy across the bar.

One year to the day of their first date, Brooke and Paul celebrated with a progressive dinner around Hong Kong. As a surprise to Brooke, Paul had organised for dessert to be served on the window sill of their apartment, overlooking the Hong Kong skyline. Paul proposed to Brooke at the end of a perfect evening.

Being an event planner, Brooke knew all the people she wanted to work with, and the places that made sense to the two of them, so they booked a date for two months later.

Considering there was only two months between engagement and wedding, of course everyone thought Paul and Brooke must have been pregnant. Little did they know, a few weeks following the wedding they would be in fact expecting a baby.

Brooke and Paul welcomed their beautiful baby boy the following year which I was honoured to photograph his newborn photos.

Although their wedding was over a year ago now, I felt it deserved to be featured + shared on this blog as it was so unique, spanned over 2 days and was so well planned and styled (from overseas)!

Interview with the Bride – Brooke

1. What did you do for your hens day? And what was the best part?

I was lucky enough to have 2 hens day, one in Hong Kong and another in Cronulla. In both locations I was surrounded by gorgeous old and new family & friends and the effort made was just so special. Both days included so many thoughtful, personal touches and I feel very lucky to have these people in my world at home and in my home away from home.

The best part of the hen’s party in Cronulla were the gorgeous table settings and the amazing detail my sister, and friend Bianca, went to.

In Hong Kong, it was the random flash mob with a bus of mainland Chinese dancing to Gangnam Style.

2. What don’t the blogs and bridal magazines tell you?

These days they are very thorough so not much gets missed. My advice would be, go with your gut. If you meet with a supplier and you get on well, book them, you’ll work out the rest.

Many blogs and magazines also suggest the DIY wedding factor, I say get on etsy.com and get someone else to create the ‘homemade’ look for you.

3. What’s one piece of advice you’d give brides to be?

Keep your bridal party small and involve friends and family in other creative ways.

Also, if you have suppliers and you love and trust the work they do then let them surprise you. Send through some images from Pinterest and then let the professionals do what they do best. So many details on our day were a surprise. It was a wonderful process and the outcome exceeded expectation.

4. What would you recommend having in a ‘bride-aid kit’?

Flat shoes to really enjoy photo time and the reception.
A good friend who has your run sheet/supplier list and all your requests so they can check ahead for you and you can just enjoy the moment.

5. People often say the day goes too quickly, what do you wish you spent more time doing?

We were lucky enough to celebrate our wedding over 2 days. We had our ceremony and dinner with family on the Friday, and then a gorgeous garden party on the Saturday, so we felt like we got the chance to chat, cuddle and have a drink with everyone.

I only wish we had more time on the dance floor… 7 hours wasn’t enough!

6. What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

There is an endless list of memories, but there is something very special about standing with your father at one end of the aisle, and the love of your life waiting for you to arrive at the other end.

Favourite photo of the day…

How long is a piece of string? There is a shot of us both laughing with balloons in our hands. Sums up the day and us really well.

All the bells & whistles

Ceremony – Gunnamatta Park, South Cronulla
Reception – Summer Salt Restaurant & a family friends home in Burraneer
Photographer – Kat Stanley Photography
Shoot locations – Gunnamatta Baths, South Cronulla Rock Pools, HAM Café, The Timiltys’ beautiful family home/garden
Honeymoon – Koh Samui, Thailand

Hair & Make Up – Living Beauty by Mieke – http://www.living-beauty.com.au/
Cars, Flowers, Styling (Friday) – Sugarcoated Events – http://www.sugarcoatedevents.blogspot.com.au/
Celebrant – Lilian Lyon – http://www.lyonheart.com.au/
Musician – Second Hand the Band
MC – Family friend, Rick Del Monte
Dress – Blushed Bridal (Hong Kong)
Shoes – Toms (Nordstrom online)
Event Stylist – (Sat) Myself, my parents and Kathy Timilty
Caterer – Feast Catering – http://www.feastcaterers.com.au/
Bits & Bobs – http://www.etsy.com


Feature wedding – Veena & Joel

Destination wedding photographer Kat Stanley Photography

The beautiful Veena and Joel met while working in a bar, calling bingo together before they started dating. As they flirted during these bingo sessions, Joel would do his best to make Veena burst into laughter as they called the numbers, repeating extremely funny number puns… Classic folk lore for the couple.

Whilst holidaying in Kanchanaburi Thailand, the couple visited the tiger temple. Joel surprised Veena with a proposal as he had organised for a 3 week old tiger cub to present Veena with the ring tied in a bow around its neck. Veena declares it was one of the best days of her life.

Veena and Joel decided on a destination wedding, back in beautiful Thailand, but also had a small ceremony locally in the Camelia Gardens for those who couldn’t be a part of the overseas nuptials.

Interview with the bride – Veena

1. What’s one piece of advice you would give to any brides to be?


Try not to let too many “chefs” into the “kitchen” while wedding planning. It can lead to a lot of excess stress and worry.

And on the day, if something doesn’t go the way you plan, don’t let it ruin the day. Things can go wrong and just know it is all part of the journey. Then when you look into the eyes of your loved one, I promise all the insignificant stuff will melt away.

2. What is the most memorable part of your wedding day?

Everything, I don’t know where to start. Seeing Joel’s face and seeing his smile. Then partying with our friends and family on a paradise island. And the honeymoon…

3. What would you recommend brides put into their ‘bride-aid kit’?

Perfume, safety pins, lipstick and blot powder.

4. What did you give as your bonboniere?

Small Thai elephant figurines for the Thailand wedding and personalised lolly-pops for the Sydney wedding.

5. What don’t the blogs and bridal magazines tell you?

That it is better to speak to people with experience regarding weddings, rather than reading magazines.

Favourite Photo:

We have so many awesome photos from Kat, there is no way to choose!

All the bells & whistles

Ceremony & Reception – Zeavola Resort Phi Phi Island Thailand
Photographer – Kat Stanley Photography
Shoot locations – as above and Bond Island/Bamboo Island

Honeymoon – throughout Thailand
Hair – Alisha Herbert freelance
Makeup – Haylee Robards
Flowers – The Flower Guys, Taren Point
Celebrant – Father Kerry
Wedding Dress – Couture Dress
Shoes – Panash
Caterer – Amodus Cafe Cronulla